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HIT FM 49 – POWER49 . . . NUMBER 1 MUSIC STATION Munich (Germany)

The HIT Radio of Munich, along with EAZY FM (Chill Out Lounge Club Radio) a greatly expanded group of listeners 14-80 years. This coverage of the total layers

– 48% „regular listeners in Munich and the surrounding area on the portal 89 HIT FM.

– German 50ties, 60ties, 70ties, 80ties and 90ties and of tomorrow.

– High profile in Munich and Bavaria.

– 89 HIT FM is one of the most successful radio station in Bavaria in the areas of program, lifestyle and entertainment. The programs POWER49 and EAZY FM benefit

– High and effective listener loyalty with more than 2.7 hours a day.

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– – Germany’s online shop for lifestyle and functional premium drinks

Daily and much good to drink is one of the healthiest things we can do for our wellbeing.

Water is life: Each person is about two-thirds water. All body functions depend directly or indirectly on a sufficient supply of liquid. But what shall we drink? Pure water does the body good, along with intelligent ingredients can, however, make the simple refreshment a functional drinkwith feel-good effect and performance improvement.!

Food Matters ……. but also drink!

The white nutritional science for a long time. But an increasing number of consumers now know the benefits of functional beverages to schätzen.Und manufacturers have brought a series of action beverages (functional drinks) on the market that can do much more than just the thirst to clear: They combine highest drinking pleasure, joy, functionality and modern lifestyle.

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– – delivered snacks directly to your home on the couch

MyCouchbox your box is full of sweet and savory snacks. Always a surprise – you never know what you get. It is more and more goods value in it than the purchase price. So perfect for being at home, deserving companion on athletic Road Trips, or simply as a gift.

The Stuttgart startup MyCouchbox shipped snack boxes for sweet tooth and a sweet tooth. After ordering to the web chocolate, biscuits, drinks, chips and a non-food surprise in the mail will be delivered directly to your home on the couch for a cozy evening of TV.

On the website of MyCouchbox order customers a snack box that has it all: Local products can be found there just as sweets, drinks or salty snacks known manufacturer. The box are in the subscription once a month for 9.99 euros or 11.99 euros Einmalbox for – the shipping is included. At this price the buyer get a delicious surprise package delivered to the home, the content of which sweet tooth would have paid at the supermarket checkout considerably more.

Boxing idea without classical subscription binding

MyCouchbox’s basic idea is nothing new, but the Stuttgart wanted to implement the boxes better idea: „We distribute MyCouchbox without classical subscription binding, because you can only order a box terminate Snackbox any time or even,“ explains Sarah Haide who MyCouchbox as founded with Clemens Walter. „In our establishing the content of Couchbox is very beneficial – for snacks and sweets go easy always. That’s why our audience is also quite large, it cuts across all age groups. 10 euros are also no investment, you think about the last.

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– Döhler GmbH Darmstadt (Germany)

Döhler is a leading global manufacturer of food additives. In Europe, Döhler is market leader in Essences for drinks.

There are hand-made flavors and emulsions, natural colors, compounds, fruit preparations, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage bases, dairy bases, malt and cereal bases, sweetening and fruit and vegetable juices, purees and concentrates.

Based on this range of products in addition various services to develop new and existing products offered.

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– Trigantium – Triathlon Association – , Bregenz (Austria)

Bregenz, the capital and the only city in Vorarlberg with its own access to Lake Constance. And just Bregenz does not have an Triathlon club and although Vorarlberg represents generally a stronghold in triathlon. This must be remedied!

Or so the thought of Gabriel Netzer and Marina Maier as they were in 2011, the Triathlon Association have established Trigantium Bregenz. Name and logo were quickly found, only the many members left behind something coming. By the end of 2011, the club consisted of almost 10 members. The first Christmas was then decided to massively promote the development of the club, around the club build a proper infrastructure and to recruit members.

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– Actinium Business consultingLindau (Germany)

Simply innovative. Steve Jobs had an idea, and suddenly the handling of smartphones was quite simple. And although the technology has even gained in complexity. But therein lies the future: to facilitate the introduction and use of increasingly complex IT solutions specifically, if only for economic reasons. That’s our motto.

Less is often more. Innovation and simplicity are two terms that have been previously shown to be contradictory. Because technological development has not always further increased the complexity. However Actinium combines innovation with simplicity by eliminating all overhead is avoided through systematic methods. So we design modern yet surprisingly lean IT solutions.

Intelligent thought. Goals easier and thus achieve faster and less expensive, will not be left to chance Actinium. But we have developed a methodology by which we simplify complicated and thus more quickly to target the interests of our customers. In all our consulting concepts and Solutions.

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– Johnson 1888 Pte. Ltd – Payment provider (Singapore)

When Johnson 1888 Pte. Ltd. is an international payment service provider with a banking license which, offers all today’s current payment methods and combines. The company reports to financial Singapore, which has one of the strictest banking secrecy in the world, and thus for each customer provides a high degree of safety.

The Johnson Group in 1888 has, for customers in Europe through a subsidiary in England that Johnson 1888 PLC with a substantial share capital in pounds and based in London. Other subsidiaries are currently being established in India and several Asian countries.

The basic idea of ​​Johnson 1888 Group is the networking of loyalty and payments under closed user groups with the aim to create sustainable added value for all parties involved. For this purpose, the term „Community – Banking“ was done. To this end, currently under negotiations with major customers in Germany and Europe which will use this system for your customers.

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– SAGAY Austria – the lifestyle drinks – , Fügen / (Austria)

Sagay is a revolutionary innovative lifestyle drink

(Liqueur) with little sugar. Sagay harmonizes nicely with fruit juices and you will get the sparkling highlight by adding semi-dry sparkling wine to a SAGAY! Our company was established after a year of preparatory work on September 1. 2012, located in Munich. Of course, we have a branch in Tirol too. (I am a Tyrolean) In previous market researches, we analysed the requirements barkeepers make on spirits and liquors and have incorporated their feedback into our concept.

This means that we have developed the concept of marketing to the consumer prior to our product. Surely a NEW marketing approach to the cause. We then worked together with experienced bartenders to work out the requirements for spirits. The acid from the champagne and the sugar content from fruit juices must harmonize with the liquor, which was the result of our research.

Together with our distillate master Frank Braun, we created a lifestyle drink, which delivers sensational results when mixed into cocktails and also tastes great straight up, on ice or with a splash of soda. This is only the beginning.

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– JUST PURE WATER – , Colombo / Sri Lanka

Mineral water producer JUST PURE WATER in Sri Lanka, India and as well as some European countries has its own water sources. They all meet the high quality requirements set by the company itself and that are required by the respective local authorities.

Moreover JUST PURE WATER leases out unused water sources to local businesses that guarantee responsible use of these resources.

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– ITNT Multimedia & Marketing GmbH – , Dorsten / Germany

As the market leader in the field of online marketing for fitness, wellness and health sector, the developed concepts meet the highest demands.

Extending the service to other European countries, in particular Austria, Luxembourg, Italy and Switzerland, took place back in 1999.

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– European Asian Trading Company – , Porur / India

The European Asian Trading Company Ltd (EATC) is a company, emerging successfully in recent years in the field of trade and services, making a name for itself in Asia and Europe.

The EATC is capable of finding almost any product the client asks for, obtains it for the best possible conditions and completes the transactions to fullest customer satisfaction. Product variety is the key to success, no matter how obscure the customers‘ requests, the EATC finds a solution.

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