EVO Active
Coconut water meets Lime & Ginger + Silicon & Spirulina

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A clever combination of taste and the addition of silicon & Spirulina supports EVO Active increasing the performance with any type of fitness activities. Athletes appreciate this.

EVO-Active contains no artificial flavors and is naturally produced to 100% without preservatives. Ergo a tasty, refreshing thirst quencher, rounded with organic agave syrup.

The ingenious recipe and the distinctive fruity and tangy tart sweet taste of EVO Active refreshed with any type exercise and supplements the body with the budget so important Vitamin B12. EVO Active tastes best well chilled.

EVO-Active support, through the accumulation of organic Spirulinaextrakt and silicon and ensures:

– More endurance by improving fat burning
– Strengthening the immune system
– Faster construction of the fabric
– Helps prevent sports injuries
– Improvement of blood chemistry
– Strengthening the bone structure
– Slowing the aging process

(Source: nutriguide.de)

The ingredients and composition of EVO Active

Lime juice, ginger, coconut water, silicon, spirulina, organic agave juice, water, carbon dioxide


Coconut water

In sports, coconut water is very suitable by its high content of minerals and nutrients, and the hydrogenation function as an energy-supporters. Instead artificially created isotonic sports drinks both leisure and competitive athletes could take coconut water to be. Especially for athletes coconut water is very appropriate because it is also in the uptake of large quantities (for example, during a marathon) by its low acidity, on your stomach and well tolerated.


Silicon is THE trace element for our body, our skin, our Harr and our nails, it is essential for bones and joints. Silicon accelerates the formation of connective tissue fibers elastin and collagen. Also, there is the water heater number 1 and enables a functioning metabolism. It strengthens the bones and holds it eleastisch, by increasing the elastin production of our body.

Spirulina algae

This alga brings a wealth of positive effects in our drink. It activates the self-healing powers, acting against infections, protects against viruses, improves the blood values ​​and slows the aging process of our body. The list of features is much longer. Spirulina is for everyone and is 100% natural. Not for nothing this alga has been included in the league of „SUPER FOODS“.

Lime (lime)

Apart from kumquats and Limequats, limes are the smallest members of the citrus fruit. The exact origin is unknown, but most likely it is the Far East. The fruit has a diameter of about six centimeters and a green, thick skin. Limes have a delicate, yellow flesh seedless. Limes are known for their fresh taste and are considered true vitamin C bombs.


The smell of ginger is aromatic, the taste burning hot and spicy. The main components are an essential oil, resin acids and neutral resin and gingerol, a sharp aromatic substance. The gingerol gives the ginger sharpness. Next Ginger contains Zingiberene, zingiberol, Shogaol and diarylheptanoids. In addition, the ginger roots also contain the digestive, stomach tonic, appetizing and circulation stimulating substances borneol, cineol, the pungent and Shoagol Zingerone, as well as vitamin C, magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium, sodium and phosphorus.

Agave juice from biologically controlled cultivation

Natural sweetness from the sap of the agave. The agave grows in the remote tropical steppe regions of Mexico, where it is valued as a sweetener since time immemorial. The juice is extracted from the sweet heart of the agave and is therefore particularly valuable. Through its fine aromatic mild taste makes it ideal as a natural alternative to cane and beet sugar.

The nutritional importance of agave nectar:
The fructose content of Agavendicksaftes is very high. As simple sugars can him the human body directly utilize and are rapidly transformed as energy for the brain, nerves and muscles. In agave syrup are many minerals and trace elements – such as calcium, potassium, magnesium and iron – contained and at a lower caloric content than sugar, it is the ideal sweetener for anyone who wants to eat healthy.

EU organic logo, EEC 834/2007 standard, 100% organic, organic seal, EU Agriculture / Non EU Agriculture
DE-ÖKO-001 | BCS. BIO-product (organic)

Best water

Water is the irreplaceable raw material of all life and indispensable for maintaining vital functions in the body. We use in our products the best water of the highest quality combined with an amount of carbon dioxide for a prikelnden refreshing enjoyment.

Prevents muscle injuries

The silicon researcher Robert A. Anderson points out that muscular injuries occur only among those athletes who suffer from a strong silicon shortage. Those who have sufficient silicon in their tissues, remain however, spared such violations

For a better active immune system

A regular consumption of EVO Active may cause the ingredients Silicon & Spirulina a significant strengthening of the immune system. Thus you do your body some good and well-being of course.

Legal restorative effect of the fabric

Silicon is said to have a tissue-building effect.
Something that should meet most power athletes and bodybuilders, especially since it is a natural substance and thus a legal, natural doping of the body balance.

For more power and endurance

shorter exhaustion times by increasing the fat burning rate and a reduction in carbohydrate oxidation rate. This athletic performance is increased. (Source: zentrum-der-gesundheit.de)

EVO Active
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