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Where can I find specific information about a topic?

That depends on the topic. A lot of information about our products and company, please visit the following bullet points or in the areas of our website. Press releases about the company or our campaigns and media data is provided on request or in our newsroom available.

I want in my company sell / install a refrigerator today. Whom can I contact?

For the distribution of our products in Germany, the branch „Dusseldorf“ is responsible. Contact details can be found in the foot section of this website and the imprint.

Where are bottled the EVO Drinks® products?

In the United States is the concessionaire the EVO Drinks® Inc. Beaverton, responsible for sales. The bottling takes place in manufacturing facilities in Oregon. In Europe bottled depending on licensee Appropriate country of the licensee.

Can I use the EVO Drinks® Logo?

Owner of all trademarks, the EVO Drinks® Inc. Oregon, USA. The use of our logos and trademarks is therefore only the EVO Drinks® Inc. and authorized by their legitimate businesses. This is especially true for any purposes that are commercial or sporting nature.

What’s the difference between
EVOActive & EVOPure?

The difference is in the taste and the recipe. Evo Active tastes thanks to the particular combinations very refreshing and unique, while EVO Pure has enjoy a relaxing taste for. Both drinks contain NO artificial flavors and NO preservatives substances.

I have a new product idea.
Can I submit this to you?

Product innovations are the driving EVO Drinks® and implemented by ourselves or from our authorized partners and agencies. Unlike other companies what our customers are very interrested! Do you have an idea, please contact us!

I have an intolerance,
Can I drink your products safely?

The packaging of food must the use of ingredients that can cause allergic reactions or other intolerance, are given.
Our beverages are added to any of these ingredients.

They could not find the answer to your question?

No problem! Contact us by mail, please send us your question and you will of course soon a detailed response to your inquiry.


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