The element silicon

Force makers of nature essential for every body


Silicon, – what does that mean?

Silicon is one of the oldest elements of our planet. In nature, silicon occurs in pure form never before, but in combination with oxygen as silicon dioxide. The compound of silicon with water is called „silica“.

Silicon is the most abundant element after oxygen on earth, is the kind of the minerals on. It is one of 104 elements, which make up our earth. Especially in the rock there is plentiful ago so as in granite, quartz, sandstone or shale.

Amazingly, finds the thorough research just the most important for our health and our lives nutrients through science rather than relatively late.

If it is to trace elements, so present in our body in tiny amounts, it may ever take decades to which attention can come given that they have long deserved.

The same applies to silicon. While before the Second World War praised individual scientific papers of dedicated scientists silicon as a natural remedy in the sky, it should nevertheless continue until the year 1972, to the presence of silicon in the human body recognized as „essential“ and silicon rated „essential“ (= „vital“) was awarded

– Promotes cell metabolism
– Improving the cell structure
– Build & strengthen the connective tissue
– More elasticity of blood vessels



What causes the silicon in the body?

Silicon is the only known substance that can bind 300 times its weight in water. The proper function of cells in the human body is directly related to the water-binding capacity for an adequate supply of nutrients and normal metabolism in conjunction. The degrading effect in the human body know the elderly, their forms with the silicon skin loss due to fluid loss wrinkles.

– Protects against Alzheimer’s (degradation of toxins in the body)
– Lowers blood pressure
– Helps against osteoporosis
– Helps with insomnia, tinnitus
– Strengthens the hair structure / thicker hair
– Rejuvenates skin
– Preventively against Arteriossklerose
– Narrows blood vessels
– Counteracts bleeding gums & tooth decay

More specific effects of silicon at:
arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), high blood pressure, arthritis, abscesses, varicose veins, immune deficiency, inflammation, osteoporosis, bone fracture, Brittle nails, Wrinkled skin, skin disease, skin lesions, blemishes / acne, skin redness, eczema, rash,
itching, warts, sunburn, burns, insect bites, Premenstrual syndrome (PMS), cough, hemorrhoids, Brittle splissige hair, hair loss, respiratory problems, poor memory, lack of concentration, night sweats, cold, power weakness, fatigue, tooth enamel problems, tooth decay, allergies, lung and Bronchenprobleme , sleep disorders, increased sensitivity, diarrhea, intestinal disorders, flatulence, constipation, stomach disorders, stomach pain, heartburn, bleeding gums, gingivitis, gum disease, dizziness, tonsillitis, muscle strain, ligament, tendon strains, sprains, tendonitis, hernia, ulcers, cellulitis, ear noises, headaches, cancer



The Result

The effect of silicon or silica is extremely broad. This is not surprising when one is aware that silicon is present in almost all of our organs and our bodies can perform their functions only if they served daily a lot of 20-30mg silicic acid available.

„Numerous studies and practical experience we know that silicon (silica) is able to slow the aging process and increase physical and mental performance. It is believed that 80% of the world population have a shortage of silicon. Besides horsetail tea, clays, zeolite and colloidal silicon silicon enriched waters are ideal and natural silicon sources. “

(Source: Prof. Dr. med. Karl Hecht)

For an active immune system

Silicon strengthens the body’s immune cells and stimulates the spleen and the lymph system, the proliferation of white blood cells and the phagocytes (scavenger cells) to, in order to fight cancer for example, carcinomas and sarcomas and should be part of any meaningful cancer therapy.

Against Alzheimer & cancer

proven through studies protects silicon organs from being poisoned by, for example Aluminum salts. Many manufacturers use Deodorant’s irresponsibly aluminum salts for blockade from welding flux. It is thought that this causes cancer!

Rejuvenation & repair the skin structure

Silicon is an absolutely importantbridging element“ of the connective tissue of our skin. It gives the skin its mechanical properties. It reorganized our skin structure, in which it causes by means of siloxane bonds an increase in volume of the skin depressions between the glycoproteins.

Against muscular injuries

The silicon researcher Robert A.Anderson indicates that muscular injuries occur only among those athletes who suffer from a strong silicon shortage. Those who have sufficient silicon in their tissues, remain however, spared such violations.

Silicon is THE trace element
for our skin, our hair and our nails