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EVO Drinks® has set itself the goal to develop and globally market, sustainable, tasty refreshment and sport drinks.

The drive and idea to establish EVO Drinks® and to develop the flavors EVO-Active & EVO-Pure was, that today’s market is flooded with various variants of unhealthy energy drinks and there is currently no interesting alternative.

EVO Drinks® is the alternative.

As the hype about energy drinks has stalled in recent years, demonstrated by studies, and because those drinks are highly dangerous to health, the founders of EVO Drinks® have set the goal to counter this trend and to develop healthy, sustainable refreshment and sport drinks.
These consist of 100% natural fruit flavors, which have because of their ingredients also a vitalizing effect on body and mind.

Furthermore, the positive effect is enhanced by addition of e.g. Spirulina, Algae Extract, silicon, amino acids and vitamins.

Marketing researches carried out by us have shown that the demand for sustainable, not harmful and well tasting “functional drinks” increases every year and will reach a new dimensions in the next few years. That’s because the consumer is not willing to harm his body while enjoying a soft drink, but rather to support him with meaningful and organic ingredients.

Therefore, Evo Active is registered as a supplement from the beginning of 2016 and in our opinion THE ALTERNATIVE.

One does not necessarily have to be the first,
it is sufficient if you have to offer something better.

(Hasso Plattner, ceo SAP)