about us

Dates and Facts about the Company

EVO Drinks® Inc. is a company with the goal of producing sustained and healthy refreshments to a global market.

To this end, a company founded in 2009, in the form of an American corporation, was taken over and renamed Evo Drinks® Inc. this past year. The drive and the idea behind establishing EVO Drinks® and creating the flavours EVO Active & EVO-Pure was that today’s market is flooded with unhealthy energy drinks in different variations and there is currently no viable healthy alternative.

The company is present in various countries through its subsidiaries and affiliates EVO Drinks® and therefore is able to market the products. Such as EVO Drinks® Europe Ltd. which is based in Kent (GB).

In addition, there are branches of EVO Drinks® in Germany, Switzerland and other Countries.

The sales and distribution of EVO Drinks® will be carried out by licensees, on an independent basis, in each country. Exclusive deals have been reached in Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain, Italy, France, Sri Lanka, India, United Arab Emirates, Iran and Iraq – a total of about 15 countries around the world with new partners being added daily.

Since the hype about energy drinks has come to a standstill in recent years, as studies have demonstrated energy drinks can be hazardous to your health, the founders of the Evo Drinks® Inc. have made it their goal to counteract this trend by developing sustainable and healthy refreshments & sports drinks and to market them worldwide. Ingredients now  include exotic fruits, which have a healthy effect on the body and are 100% natural. Furthermore, by adding spirulina algae extract, silicon, amino acids and vitamins, the positive effects have been substantially increased.

Our already conducted market research indicates that demand for healthy and tasty „functional beverages“ increases from year to year and will reach unprecedented proportions in the coming years.

The main objective is for EVO Drinks® Inc. to develop into an international exchange-placed global player with solid healthy foundations over the next 3-5 years. We already have considerable support through our existing worldwide partners who have recognized the potential of EVO Drinks® today.

One does not necessarily have to be the first,
it is sufficient if you have to offer something better.

(Hasso Plattner, ceo SAP)